Maya动画基础教程 Maya 2018 Animation Fundamentals

Pluralsight - Maya 2018 Animation Fundamentals

Maya动画基础教程 Maya 2018 Animation Fundamentals

介绍Maya 2018的动画基础教程,讲解时间线和关键帧的设置,2015新增加的功能比如时间编辑器和MASH动画工具包,最后讲解Maya 2018的RV播放器,更快的预览动画

极速赛车双面盘In this course, Maya 2018 Animation Fundamentals, you’ll learn about Maya 2018 animation fundamentals。 First, you’ll start by learning the number one concept for any animator to understand, the timeline and setting keyframes。 Next, you’ll dive into some of Maya 2018’s unique features like the Time Editor and the MASH Animation Toolset。 Finally, you’ll learn about the brand new feature to Maya 2018 the RV player, making previewing animations much faster and intuitive。 By the end of the course, you’ll have a strong knowledge of Maya’s Animation tools。 Tiger-Bot model created and provided by Jay Choi。 Ranger model created and provided by Ethan Snell。







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