C4D快速制作房间插件 CGBridge RoomMaker v1.1 For Cinema 4D x64

CGBridge RoomMaker v1.1

C4D快速制作房间插件 CGBridge RoomMaker v1.1 For Cinema 4D x64

– Quickly and easily customize room settings, load and edit skirting boards, crown moldings, and chair rails.
– Save and load custom presets.
– Create interior walls and add door openings/doors.
– There is no detailed documentation yet.
– At present, it is not possible to add custom content, but the developers are working on adding respective functionality.
– Add up to three different textures to a floor, for example, and switch between these textures.
– Works with Windows Generator.
– A script is being developed that will let you import and use the splines from my Arch_Profile_Collection with RoomMaker. The plugin will come with some content though, and I am going to contribute a number of my splines, so buying the spline library will not required for using RoomMaker.
– The developers say the introductory price for RoomMaker V1.0 will be 30 Euros (app. 38 US dollars) for a short time. All further updates will be free.
极速赛车双面盘 – According to the developers, not all features mentioned above will be available in V1.0. I don’t know which features will be part of RoomMaker at the time of the release.







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